That is the 53th temple of Shikoku 88temple pilgrimage. It was built by Gyoki under the order of Emperor Syomu. The principal image is the Amida Nyorai, which is said to have been carved by Gyoki. There is a lantern with an image of the Virgin Mary engraved as Kannon (Deity of Mercy), and it is said to have been used for Christianity. I encountered a group pilgrimage for the first time in a long time.


2019年7月7日 愛媛県松山市 円明寺



That is the 52th temple of Shikoku 88temple pilgrimage.It is said that Gyoki enshrined the principal image, the 11 faced Kannon by order of Emperor Shomu. The main hall is the largest wooden building in Ehime Prefecture and is a national treasure. The hill stretches 800 meters from Ichinomon to the main hall. I endured a little under the blazing sun.


2019年7月7日 愛媛県松山市 太山寺

遍路道 松山城,the root of pilgrimage Matsuyama Castle, 朝圣之路 松山城


  春や昔 十五万石の 城下哉  子規

A pilgrimage root that is 10 kilometers to Taisanji. I went up to Matsuyama Castle and saw the red sunset sinking into Gogoshima. It is one of the 12 castles that still have a castle tower. I used to live at the foot of this castle, and I was looking forward to seeing the Seto Inland Sea sunset from this castle every Sunday. For dinner, I enjoyed seared yellowtail with salt from Uwajima and local sake from Imabari. The night of Paradise continues.


2019年7月6日 愛媛県松山市 松山城下

遍路道 御幸寺山, the root of pilgrimage Mt.Mikiji,朝圣之路 御幸寺山


A pilgrimage route from Dogo Onsen to Taisanji. At the foot of Mt. Mikiji which used to be a tumulus or mountain castle, there are many professional names such as Issoan where the haiku poet Santoka TANEDA died, Gokoku-jinja Shrine, and Russian cemetery. Matsuyama Castle is also nearby. Ishizuchi-jinja Shrine was located on the top of the mountain, and Ishitsuchiyama was clearly seen beyond the torii.


2014年9月14日 愛媛県松山市 御幸寺山山頂より松山城を望む

遍路道 道後温泉,the road of pilgrimage Dogo Onsen,朝圣之路 道后温泉


That is the pilgrimage route from Ishiteji to Taisanji. I heald my fatigue at Dogo Onsen. The main building is being preserved and repaired (completed in December 2024), but you can take a bath. It has a history of 3,000 years and is said to be the oldest hot spring in Japan. It is said that Prince Shotoku also took a bath. After taking this hot spring, I enjoyed fish from the Seto Inland Sea and local sake of Matsuyama. Gokuraku Gokuraku.


2019年7月5日 愛媛県松山市 道後温泉



That is the 51 th temple of Shikoku 88temple pilgrimage. It was built by Gyoki under the order of Emperor Syomu. The principal image is the Yakushi Nyorai, which is said to have been carved by Gyoki. It is a temple related to Emonsaburo that is said to be the origin of Ohenro and there are many visitors in the precincts. The cave that connects from the back of the main hall to the back of the mountain and the back of the Daishido is a very spiritual place that expresses the world of Buddhism. Dogo Onsen is nearby. I want to heal the accumulated fatigue.


2019年7月6日 愛媛県松山市 石手寺

松山 淡路ヶ峠,Matsuyama Awajigatou,松山 淡路峠


Hantaji, which is Temple 50 on the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage, is located halfway up a mountain called Awaji Pass (Awaji Gato). You can see the Matsuyama Plain and the islands of the Seto Inland Sea from this mountain observatory. It was a fort of Hayashi Awaji no kami 400 years ago. Hirofumi ITO, the first prime minister of Japan, is said to be the 11th descendant of Hayashi Awaji no kami. It was a superb view.


2014年9月28日 愛媛県松山市 淡路ヶ峠



That is the 50th temple of Shikoku 88temple pilgrimage.The official name of this temple is Higashiyama Rurikoin.It was built by Gyoki under the order of Emperor Koken. The principal image is the Yakushi Nyorai, which is said to have been carved by Gyoki. The view of Matsuyama Castle and Seto Inland Sea from the precinct has an atmosphere and this is the view of Matsuyama that I love.


2019年7月6日 愛媛県松山市 繁多寺

皇居夕景,Imperial Palace Evening,皇居夕景


The sun sets in Imperial Palace. This is a very solemn scene.The Emperor’s coronation parade (Celebration ceremony) ended without a hitch, and the Reiwa era began.Thank you everyone involved.


2019年4月7日 皇居 二重橋前



That is the 49th temple of Shikoku 88temple pilgrimage.It was built by Emyo(Buddhist priest) under the order of Emperor Koken. The principal image is the Syaka Nyorai, which is said to have been carved by Gyoki. The Nio statue at the Sanmon gate is beautiful. In the midsummer sun, the green bamboo forest was brilliant.


2019年7月6日 愛媛県松山市 浄土寺