遍路道 吉野川,the root of pilgrimage Yoshinogawa River,朝圣之路 吉野川


That is a pilgrimage route from Tsubakido to Hashikuraji. I walked along the Yoshinogawa River in Ikeda. This is the second time I have crossed the Yoshinogawa River on this pilgrimage. The first was a pilgrimage route from Kirihataji to Fujiidera. Two months have passed since then. The pilgrimage continues.I ate cold udon at an udon restaurant at the foot of Mt. Hashikura (About 720 meters above sea level), where Hashikuraji is located at the top of the mountain. The cold noodles go well with the thick soup, which is so delicious.


2019年7月16日 徳島県三好市池田町



That is the 14th temple of Shikoku exceptional Sacred Sites. Its official name is Tsubakido Jofukuji. The principal images are Enmei Jizo Bosatsu and Fudo Myoo. It is said to have been founded by Kobo Daishi.It is located along the road from Kawanoe to Ikeda. It is said that the name of this temple comes from the fact that camellias sprouted from a stick Kobo Daishi poked to contain noxious vapors and grew into a large tree. The camellia, which is called Daishi Otsue Tsubaki, is said to be 300 years old in the third generation and is very thick in the precincts. I was entertained by a temple staff who said that there was no need to pay the sutra offeringfor the Arukihenro of pilgrimage. The temple is small but impressive.


2019年7月15日 愛媛県四国中央市

ブロッケン現象,Brocken spectre,布洛肯现象


Air travel from Sapporo New Chitose Airport to Narita Airport. Luckily, I witnessed the Brocken phenomenon. Brocken’s phenomenon is a phenomenon in which the light from the sun behind is scattered by clouds and fog particles on the shadow side and appears as a ring of light like a rainbow. It is famous as a weather phenomenon in mountains, but it can be seen from aircraft. The name is said to come from the fact that it was often seen on Mt. Brocken, the highest mountain in Germany. It is also known as the specter of Brocken.In Japan, it is called goraigo. I was fascinated by this strange sight for a while.


2019年9月24日 札幌新千歳空港から成田空港への空の上
2019年9月24日 太平洋上空



That is the 13th temple of Shikoku exceptional Sacred Sites. It is also the inner sanctuary of Sankakuji,which is the number 65 temple of the Shikoku 88 sacred.The principal image is Kobo Daishi. It is said to have been founded by Hodo. From Sankakuji temple across the mountain to the bank of the Dosangawa river. I finally reached the steep approach along the mountain stream looking at the waterfall. The atmosphere of seclusion is strong. It is rare that the main hall is the stage.The rain has gone and the blue sky is so beautiful.


2019年7月15日 愛媛県四国中央市



That is the 65th temple of Shikoku 88temple pilgrimage.The temple was founded by Gyoki under the order of Emperor Shomu. The principal image is the 11 faced Kanzeon Bosatsu, which is said to have been created by Kobo Daishi. It is the last fudasho of the Iyo-ji route and is on the hillside of Mt. Sankakuji which is 465 meters above sea level. I climbed endlessly in the pouring rain from a henroyado in Iyomishima, overlooking the paper mills of Kawanoe. I am welcomed by vipers on the way. The stone steps leading to the temple gate are steep and quite hard.


2019年7月15日 愛媛県四国中央市



It is one of the 24 divisions of the old calendar and this year is April 4. In China, it is called Seimeisetsu, and it is a national event to visit ancestors’ graves and clean them. A time when everything is bright, clean and beautiful. On this day, I climbed my favorite Mt. Azuma and enjoyed the cherry blossoms in full bloom. It was like heaven.


2020年4月4日 神奈川県二宮町