蓮 遍路花紀行,Lotus pilgrimage flower travel,蓮 朝圣花旅行


That is a pilgrimage route along the sea from IyoKokubunji to Yokomineji. Suddenly, a cluster of lotuses appeared on the road near the Mibugawa River. The green of rice and lotus leaves and the red of lotus flowers are beautiful. It healed the fatigue of pilgrimage. In Buddhism, the truth in lotus that grows in the mud is thought to be enlightenment, and it is said that people cannot be enlightened without sad and painful things.


2019年7月10日 愛媛県西条市



That is the 59th temple of Shikoku 88temple pilgrimage.It was built by Gyoki under the order of Emperor Syomu.The principal image is Yakushi Ruriko Nyorai. From Senyuji, I arrived by following a pilgrimage route of about six kilometers. I’m leaving Imabari from now. This place is said to have been the center of Iyo Province during the Nara period. I shook hands with the statue of Shake Hands Training Daishi in the precincts.


2019年7月10日 愛媛県今治市

星祭,Hoshi Matsuri,星祭


 日一分一分ちゞまる冬至かな  子規

Buddhist rituals. It is also called Hoshi Kuyo. It is held on the winter solstice, New Year’s Day and the first day of spring in the old calendar in order to exclude national and individual disasters. Today is the winter solstice. There are only 10 days left this year. The first year of Reiwa era is coming to an end.


2019年12月16日 神奈川県茅ケ崎市 茅ヶ崎海岸

精進料理,Lenten fare,素斋


The lenten fare is a dish in which no meat is used but only vegetables, grains and beans are used in accordance with Buddhist precepts. The lenten fare of Senyuji is wonderful in both sight and taste. Brown rice, julienned potatoes, vegetable tempura and sesame tofu were especially delicious. The scenery of Imabari and Seto Inland Sea viewed from this temple is also superb.


2019年7月9日 愛媛県今治市 仙遊寺



That is the 58th temple of Shikoku 88temple pilgrimage. It was built by Morioki Ochi, Governor of Iyo Province under the order of Emperor Tenchi. The principal image is the Senju Kanzeon Bosatsu. I climbed Mt. Sarei in the rain from Eifukuji. There are steep stairs from the temple gate to the main hall. I stayed at a Shukubo and enjoyed the natural hot spring and Shojin cuisine. The view is also wonderful. Mr. Oyamada,the chief priest took good care of me before, so I was glad to see him again.


2019年7月9日 愛媛県今治市



That is the 57th temple of Shikoku 88temple pilgrimage. It was built by Kobo Daishi to pray for the prevention of marine accident under the order of Emperor Saga. The principal image is the Amida Nyorai. The bamboo forest behind this temple is so blue.The movie ‘I’m a monk.’ is a film adaptation of an original work written by the head priest at this tempke, and is played by actor Atsushi Ito.


2019年7月9日 愛媛県今治市



I walked through the countryside of Imabari to Taisanji.That is the 56th temple of Shikoku 88temple pilgrimage. The lord is Jizou Bosatsu which is said to have been carved by Kobo Daishi. This temple was also built by Kobo Daishi.The stone walls of the temple are beautiful. From the temple grounds, you can see Mt. Sarei where the No. 58th temple Senyuji is located.


2019年7月9日 愛媛県今治市



That is the 55th temple of Shikoku 88temple pilgrimage.It was built by Gyoki under the order of Emperor Suiko. The principal image is the statue of Daitsu chisho nyorai, the father and teacher of Shaka Nyorai. The Sanmon gate of this temple is large, and Shitenno (four guardian kings) are placed on the outside and inside of the gate respectively. The temple is large and stately.


2019年7月9日 愛媛県今治市

遍路道 今治,the root of pilgrimage Imabari,朝圣之路 今治


I head for Nankobo from Enmeiji, walked the nostalgic town of Imabari. There are many local specialties and attractions here. Tai Meshi, Imabari Yakitori, B-class gourmet Yakibuta Tamago Meshi, Imabari Towel, Shipbuilding, Yurukyara Bariisan. The Shimanami Kaido Road, now a sacred place for cyclists, connects Imabari with Onomichi in Hiroshima Prefecture.


2016年2月13日 愛媛県今治市



That is the 54th temple of Shikoku 88temple pilgrimage.It was built by Gyoki under the order of Emperor Shomu. The principal image is Fudo Myouou (Acala, one of the Five Wisdom Kings) that is said to have been carved by Gyoki. It was a 35 km walk from Enmyoji. The sudden shower eased the heat. I talked a little with Ohenrosanffrom Osaka who goes around by bicycle taking shelter from the rain in the precincts.


2019年7月9日 愛媛県今治市