Azalea season has come. Azaleas of various colors bloomed in the garden of a house near my home. So beautiful in the blue sky.

映山红季节来了。 各种颜色的映山红在我家附近的房子的花园里绽放。 美丽在蓝天。

2019年4月28日 神奈川県茅ケ崎市



Born in China. Another name “Flower’s King” from the gorgeous appearance. Spring peony collaborated with Tulips in Yokohama Park. Flower language is “Noble”.

那是在中国诞生的。 有华丽外观、另一个名字是“花王”。 在横滨公园春天的牡丹与郁金香合作。 花语是“富贵”。

2019年4月23日 神奈川県横浜市 横浜公園

箱根 芦ノ湖,Hakone Ashinoko Lake,箱根 芦ノ湖


Lake Ashinoko is originally a crater of Hakone volcano.I took a pleasure ship after a long time at Lake Ashinoko. The weather was good and there were a lot of tourists from foreign countries. Fuji also looked beautiful.

芦ノ湖原本是箱根火山的火山口。经过很长一段时间在芦ノ湖上,我乘了一艘游船。 天气很好,有很多来自国外的游客。 富士山也看起来很漂亮。

2019年4月3日 神奈川県足柄下郡箱根町

二重橋,Niju-bashi Bridge,二重桥


The Imperial Palace square is a neat scenery and always feels fresh. It is very popular with foreign tourists in Tokyo. The sunset was just over the double bridge. That’s solemn scenery.

皇宫广场是一个整洁的风景,总是感觉清新。 它在东京很受外国游客的欢迎。 夕阳刚过二重桥。 那是庄严的风景。

2019年4月7日 二重橋前



The Japanese name is Ukonkou. It is said that she was born in Kazakhstan. In Yokohama Park, 70 varieties and 140,000 tulips are in full bloom this year, entertaining people on the road.

日本名字是郁金香。 据说她出生在哈萨克斯坦。 在横滨公园,今年也有70个品种和14万朵郁金香盛开,在路上招待人们。

2019年4月23日 神奈川県横浜市 横浜公園

ナンジャモンジャ,Chionanthus retusus,Namja monja


The real name is “Hitotsubatago”. The plant whose name is unknown is said to have been called “Nanjamonja”. Many bloom in Aichi and Gifu, with small white flowers in early summer. Flower language is “integrity”.

真正的名字是“Hitotsubatago”。 据说名字不详的植物被称为“Nanjamonja”。 许多在爱知县和岐阜县开花,初夏有小白花。 花语是“廉正”。

2014年5月5日 愛媛県松山市 ロープウエー通り

台湾 駅弁,Taiwan ekiben,台湾 站饭盒


We ate a “Taiwan Railway Bento(packed lunch)” at a Taipei station. It was so delicious and warm.
The taste of pork and egg was very good. Taitetsu is a state-owned railway in Taiwan,sells bento at stations and trains. I am glad that there is also the ekiben(The bento marketed by stations and trains is called ekiben in Japan) in Taiwan.

我在台北车站吃了“台铁便当”。它很美味,排骨温暖可口。鸡蛋的味道也满意。 台铁是台湾国有的台湾铁路管理局、在车站和火车上出售便当。我很高兴在台湾也有站饭盒。

2017年2月25日 台湾 台北駅



In Ho Chi Minh City, celebrities took me to a famous store in Phu. The smoothness of the noodles and the taste of the soup are wonderful. I enjoyed two cups. It was very delicious. Thank you very much.

在胡志明市,名人带我去了越南米粉的一家着名商店。 面条的光滑度和汤的味道都很棒、我吃了两次。 这非常好吃。 非常感谢。

2018年3月8日 ベトナム ホーチミン市

犬山城夕景Ⅱ,Inuyama Castle evening viewⅡ,犬山城堡晚上视图Ⅱ


I enjoy standing in the Kisogawa riverbank and enjoying the time of the twilight passing by. The lighted up Inuyama Castle was a fantastic scenery reflecting on the river surface.

我喜欢站在木曾川河岸,享受暮色流逝的时光。 被照亮的犬山城是一个反映在河面上的奇妙景色。

2019年3月9日 岐阜県各務原市 木曽川河畔