上海 茂名南路,Shanghai Maoming South Road,上海 茂名南路 


Maoming South Road is an entertainment street where Shanghai’s major hotels, restaurants, theatres and shopping venues gather. Cathay Cinema has left the shadow of Shanghai. That was established 86 years ago.

茂名南路是一条娱乐街,上海的主要酒店,餐厅,剧院和购物场所聚集在一起。 国泰電影院离开了上海的影子。 今年成立86年。

2018年10月15日 上海市 茂名南路 国泰電影院

湯河原 城山,Yugawara Mt.Shiroyama,汤河原 城山


Mt.Shiroyama (563 meters) overlooking Sagami Bay is a tough fortress and a castle was built in the Middle Ages. I climbed 4 kilometers from JR Yugawara Station and reached the top of the mountain. I managed to catch up with the sunset.

城山(563米)俯瞰相模湾,是一个严峻的堡垒,在中世纪也建造了一座城堡。 我从JR汤河原站爬了4公里,到达了山顶。 我设法赶上了日落。

2018年11月17日 神奈川県足柄下郡湯河原町 城山

初冬,early winter,初冬


“Ritto” has passed. It became the season when the sunset became gentle and waiting for the arrival of winter.

立冬过去了。 夕阳变得温和、这是等待冬天来临的季节。

2018年11月24日 神奈川県茅ケ崎市 茅ヶ崎海岸

善通寺 /Zentsuji /善通寺


Shikoku 88temple pilgrimage the 75th temple. This temple is Shingon sect Zentsuji faction headquarters,the place of birth of Kobo Daishi. I heard monks recited the “Hannyashingyo”.


2015年12月13日 香川県善通寺市 善通寺



Kiss fishing is peaking at the Chigasaki coast. When asked to a fisherman this time seems to be easy to fish and large in size because it eats a lot in preparation for overwintering.

Kisu钓鱼在茅崎海岸达到顶峰。 当被问到垂钓者时,这个时候似乎很容易捕鱼并且体积很大,因为它在为越冬做准备时会吃很多东西。

2018年11月24日 神奈川県茅ケ崎市 茅ヶ崎海岸

初日の出2018,the first sunrise 2018,第一次日出2018


風凪で けさ元日と なりにけり  子規

Surfers wait for the first sunrise in the sea. Familiar style of Chigasaki.


2018年1月1日 元旦 神奈川県茅ケ崎市 茅ヶ崎海岸

チャンギ空港,Changi airport,樟宜机场


It is the symbolic presence in Singapore. I arrived around 6 o’clock in the morning from Haneda Airport and was surprised by the heat when I went to the observation deck. But refreshingly at the airport shower.

樟宜机场是新加坡的象征性存在。 我从羽田机场早上6点左右到达,我去观景台很惊讶很热。 但用机场的淋浴非常清爽。

2017年6月16日 シンガポール チャンギ国際空港

夕暮れの相模湾,Sagami Bay at dusk,相模湾在黄昏


From Shiroyama of Yugawara, you can see the Boso Peninsula, the Manazuru Peninsula, Hatsushima, Oshima and the Izu Peninsula. I also saw the landmark tower in Yokohama. Shiroyama is the castle ruins of samurai Doi, who helped Yoritomo minamoto.

从汤河原的城山,可以看到房总半岛,真鹤半岛,初岛,大岛和伊豆半岛。 我还看到了横滨的地标塔。 城山是帮助源頼朝的武士土肥的城堡。

2018年11月17日 神奈川県湯河原町の城山頂上より相模湾を望む

小春日和,indian summer,小阳春


It’s is a mild and warm day like spring. We can see the fresh wind and shining sea. In Japan it came to be called Koharu because the climate and weather in November resembled spring in Japan. It is said that the season word for haiku is winter.In Europe and the United States, a similar climate is called Indian Summer, or the summer of old women.


2018年11月17日 神奈川県茅ケ崎市 茅ヶ崎海岸

忽那諸島 中島,Kutsunaislands Nakajima,忽那诸岛 中岛


KutsunaIslands is the islands between the Aki-nada and Iyo-nada in the Seto Inland Sea. Nakajima is the largest island, famous for oranges and triathlons.Wisteria ‘s flowers were in full bloom.

忽那诸岛是濑户内海的安芸滩伊予滩之间的岛屿。 中岛是最大的岛屿,以橙子和铁人三项而闻名。紫藤的鲜花盛开。

2015年5月5日 愛媛県松山市中島