四国中央市 延命寺,Shikokuchuo City Enmeiji, 四国中央市 延命寺


That is the 11th temple of Shikoku exceptional Sacred Sites. The honzon (principal image of Buddha) is Enmei Jizo Bosatsu. The Kaiki (patron of a temple in its founding) is said to have been Gyoki. It is read in the same kanji as Enmeiji Temple, which is the 54th temple on the 88 Temples of Shikoku in Imabari City. The pine tree that Kobo Daishi planted in this area in the Heian period lived until the Showa period, but now the withered trunk is sleeping quietly in the precincts. When I looked at pictures of the past, I was surprised at the extent and vitality of the branches stretching from north to south, east to west. As soon as the former priest died, the pine tree died, so people of the time said that the priest might have taken pine tree.


2019年7月14日 愛媛県四国中央市



That is the 64th temple of Shikoku 88temple pilgrimage.It was built by Enno Ozuno.The principal image is Amida Nyorai.It is located at the foot of Mt. Ishizuchi, a sacred mountain. The temple grounds are large and the main hall looks magnificent and majestic. I looked up at Mt. Ishizuchi from the approach. When I visited our temple before, I remembered that I was entertained by an old lady who lived nearby with an orange.


2019年7月13日 愛媛県西条市

小田原紀行,Odawara journey,小田原纪行


I took a walk in Odawara after a long time. First, go to Odawara Castle which is one of the 100 famous castles in Japan. This castle was the residence of the Hojo family that reigned in Kanto region for 100 years from the first generation Soun Hojo, and it withstood the attacks of Kenshin Uesugi and Shingen Takeda and was called an impregnable castle. There are many big red pine and black pine trees, and the castle tower is beautiful. Hotoku Ninomiya-jinja Shrine in the castle enshrines Ninomiya Sontoku, a thinker of the Edo period. “Economy without morality is a sin.” he said. Miyuki no Hama Beach is goog one where Emperor Meiji and his wife visited. You can see Izu Peninsula, Hatsujima Island, Oshima Island, Miura Peninsula and Boso Peninsula. It is blessed with seafood and the kamaboko is a specialty. I ended my trip with hot sake and yakitori.


2020年3月11日 神奈川県小田原市



That is the 63th temple of Shikoku 88temple pilgrimage.It was built by Kobo Daishi.The principal image is Bishamonten.Of the 88 sacred places in Shikoku, only this temple is dedicated to Bishamonten. There is a stone called Jojuishi in the precincts, and it is said that if you close your eyes from near the main hall, walk to Jojuishi with a kongozue, and stick the kongozue through the hole, your wish will come true. This temple is located in the city center, but I can feel the calm and relaxed atmosphere of the precincts.


2019年7月13日 愛媛県西条市

柴又帝釈天,Shibamata Taishakuten,柴又帝释天

正式名称は、経栄山題経寺(きょうえいざん だいきょうじ)。帝釈天はもともとはインドの神で、仏教に取り入れられて仏を守る神となった。超人気映画シリーズ『男はつらいよ』ゆかりの寺。最寄りの京成電鉄柴又駅を降りると、寅さんとさくらの像が迎えてくれる。境内の御神水と言われる湧き水で手を洗い、お参りした。新型ウイルスの影響か、いつも参拝客で賑わっている参道には人影がまばらだった。近くの江戸川の土手に登り、柴又の街に沈んでいく夕陽を眺めた。柴又から松戸方面へ江戸川を渡る“矢切の渡し”はすぐそばにある。

It’s official name is Kyoeizan Daikyoji. Taishakuten was originally an Indian god and became a god to protect Buddha after being introduced to Buddhism. This temple associated with the extremely popular movie series “Otoko ha tsuraiyo(Men are hard)”. When you get off at the nearest station, Shibamata Station of the Keisei Electric Railway, the Tora-san and Sakura statues welcome you. I washed my hands in the spring water called goshinsui in the precincts and prayed. Probably because of the new virus, there were few people on the approach, which was always crowded with visitors. Going up the banks of the nearby Edo River, I saw the sunset sinking into the town of Shibamata. The “Yagiri no Watashi” crossing the Edo-gawa River from Shibamata toward Matsudo is located nearby.


2020年3月5日 東京都葛飾区柴又



That is the 61th temple of Shikoku 88temple pilgrimage.It was built by Syotoku Taishi.The principal image is Dainich Nyorai.Along the pilgrimage route, about 10 kilometers from Yokomineji to this temple,there are the Monument of Nakatsukasa Mohei that built many signboards making 280 pilgrimages and Shirataki Fudo, in the inner sanctuary of this temple. You will be surprised at the huge reinforced concrete cathedral that serves as the main hall and Daishido.


2019年7月12日 愛媛県西条市