港町ブルース 種子島 西之表港,Port Town Blues Tanegashima Nishinoomote Port,港町佈魯斯種子島西之表港


 夕月やけふる港のかゝり船 子規 

 Nishinoomote Port on Tanegashima Island. The sun sets over the East China Sea. Yakushima is hidden by clouds, but I could see Mt. Kaimon on the mainland of Kagoshima well. Work boats come and go constantly. The ferry to Kagoshima was waiting for the departure time. BonVoyage.  


20240208 Tanegashima Kagoshima

港町ブルース 北海道苫小牧港,Port Town Blues Hokkaido Tomakomai Port,港町佈魯斯北海道苫小牧港


さよ千鳥雪に燈ともすかゝり船 子規

 The port of Tomakomai in Hokkaido in winter. I watched the setting sun from the wharf. I hums the lyrics of “Lakuyo” by Takuro YOSHIDA. “Ferry from Tomakomai to Sendai. That old man went out of his way to see me off …… The sun is setting on my trip back.” There is a crow in front of me. Isn’t it cold?


20240203 Hokkaido Tomakomai Port

岩手山の冬, Winter on Mt. Iwate,巖手山的冬天


 むく方へ風のもてくる吹雪かな 子規

 Two years ago, I visited Iwate in winter and saw the magnificent view of Mt. Iwate from Morioka and Hachimantai. I looked at Mt. Iwate from Kaiun Bridge and watched the sunset from the snowy ruins of Morioka Castle. The cold in Hachimantai was severe, but the blue sky and Mt. Iwate bristling across the snowy fields were amazing.  


20220117 Hachimantai Iwate prefecture

さよなら 2023,Goodbye 2023,再見 2023


  君が代は大つごもりの月夜哉  子規

 This year is coming to a close. I regretted the years I spent at Chigasaki beach. Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch the sunset, but I enjoyed the calm New Year’s Eve atmosphere. I hope everyone has a happy new year.  


20231231 Chigasaki Beach Kanagawa

渚の少女 2023,A girl in the beach 2023,海濱少女 2023


龍宮も女さわぎで波がたち  子規

Early summer dusk. I watched the sun go down. A girl is playing on the beach. The silhouette looks beautiful against the beach. It was like a picture.  


20231216 Chigasaki Beach Kanagawa

龍 2023,Dragon 2023,龍 2023


 龍となり虎となり月の雲一片  子規

 One day at dusk. Horribly red-hot clouds reminiscent of dragons appeared in the sky over Chigasaki. I fell in love with nature’s beauty for a while. Mt. Fuji was quietly watching.  


20230430 Chigasaki Kanagawa

深まる秋 2023, Autumn is deepening 2023,深秋2023


 遊ぶ子のひとり帰るや秋のくれ 子規

 Autumn is deepening after the hottest summer in history. The scent of goldwood rhinoceros disappeared, and Ritto came. Sunsets are getting sharper by the day. I want to enjoy the atmosphere of late autumn. We have just over a month left this year. I started preparing New Year’s cards.  


20231029 Chigasaki Beach Kanagawa

小さな秋 茅ケ崎2023,Glimpse of fall Chigasaki2023,小秋 茅崎2023


 秋風はまだこえかねつ雲の峰 子規

Little autumn has finally arrived on the beach at Chigasaki. The sun setting over Mt. Fuji also looks somewhat cool. It’s already October. The cold dew that falls on plants and trees in the 24 seasons is also near. There are three months left in the year. The sky is high.


20230918 Chigasaki Beach Kanagawa

瀬戸の秋 2023,Autumn in the Seto Inland Sea 2023,瀨戶之秋 2023


秋たつや風のなき日を海の音  子規

 Autumn has come to the sea of Seto. The sea is blue. Enjoyed the early autumn breezes and views on the embankment of Gunchu Port in Iyo City, Ehime Prefecture. On the side of Goshikihama, there is a legend that a princess of the Heike family threw herself into a five-colored stone. A boat leaves the harbor for fishing. I watched the sunset with a cat on the embankment. Fall in the Seto Inland Sea heals the mind.


20221014 Iyonada Guntyu Harbor Ehime Prefecture

晩夏 2023,Ending summer 2023,晩夏 2023


ゆく夏に名残る暑さは  夕焼けを吸って燃え立つ葉鶏頭       荒井由実

 Summer is passing. This summer has been the hottest ever, but by the day the sounds of cicadas have become quieter and the one of insects in the grass louder. There is something melancholy about the sound of evening cicadas. The sky rises and autumn comes.  


20220924 Chigasaki Beach Kanagawa