渋谷の空から,Sky on the Shibuya Tokyo,澀穀的天空


 ものすごき空のけしきや時鳥  子規 

I watched the sunset fall into Okutama from 230 meters above the top of a high-rise building in Shibuya, Tokyo. You can see the buildings in Shinjuku Shintoshin and the condos in Musashi Kosugi. Probably the best scenic spot in Tokyo today. Mt. Fuji rises above the Tanzawa Mountains. Beautiful blue sky and sunset. A happy moment.


20220724 Shibuya Tokyo

柴又帝釈天,Shibamata Taishakuten,柴又帝释天

正式名称は、経栄山題経寺(きょうえいざん だいきょうじ)。帝釈天はもともとはインドの神で、仏教に取り入れられて仏を守る神となった。超人気映画シリーズ『男はつらいよ』ゆかりの寺。最寄りの京成電鉄柴又駅を降りると、寅さんとさくらの像が迎えてくれる。境内の御神水と言われる湧き水で手を洗い、お参りした。新型ウイルスの影響か、いつも参拝客で賑わっている参道には人影がまばらだった。近くの江戸川の土手に登り、柴又の街に沈んでいく夕陽を眺めた。柴又から松戸方面へ江戸川を渡る“矢切の渡し”はすぐそばにある。

It’s official name is Kyoeizan Daikyoji. Taishakuten was originally an Indian god and became a god to protect Buddha after being introduced to Buddhism. This temple associated with the extremely popular movie series “Otoko ha tsuraiyo(Men are hard)”. When you get off at the nearest station, Shibamata Station of the Keisei Electric Railway, the Tora-san and Sakura statues welcome you. I washed my hands in the spring water called goshinsui in the precincts and prayed. Probably because of the new virus, there were few people on the approach, which was always crowded with visitors. Going up the banks of the nearby Edo River, I saw the sunset sinking into the town of Shibamata. The “Yagiri no Watashi” crossing the Edo-gawa River from Shibamata toward Matsudo is located nearby.


2020年3月5日 東京都葛飾区柴又

オムライス,rice omelet,蛋包饭


My favorite food. Sometimes I just want to eat it. Before I saw the art exhibition in Ueno, I tasted it at the famous omelet rice store. Omrice is a Japanese foreign language combining English omelet and rice.

我最喜欢的食物。 有时我只是想吃它。 在我看到上野的艺术展之前,我在着名的蛋包饭店品尝了它。 Omrice是一种结合了英式煎蛋卷和米饭的日本外语。

2019年4月30日 東京都台東区 上野駅内「洋食や 三代目 たいめいけん」



The new era has begun. What kind of age will it be? In the rain in Meiji Jingu, the procession of people seeking the seal of the first day of the new era continued.


2019年5月1日 東京都渋谷区 明治神宮

二重橋,Niju-bashi Bridge,二重桥


The Imperial Palace square is a neat scenery and always feels fresh. It is very popular with foreign tourists in Tokyo. The sunset was just over the double bridge. That’s solemn scenery.

皇宫广场是一个整洁的风景,总是感觉清新。 它在东京很受外国游客的欢迎。 夕阳刚过二重桥。 那是庄严的风景。

2019年4月7日 二重橋前



The cherry blossoms on behalf of Tokyo. About 260 cherry blossoms, such as “Someiyoshino” and “Oshimazakura”, are said to be the first choice for cherry blossom popularity of foreign tourists. Canola flowers are also in full bloom now.

代表东京的樱花盛名。 种植了“染井吉野”和“大岛樱”等约260棵樱花,据说是外国游客的樱花人气排名第1选择。油菜花现在也盛开。

2019年4月7日 東京都千代田区北の丸公園 桜田門方面を望む



Today, April 3 is the anniversary of the completion of the present Nihonbashi (1911). It has been the starting point of Japan’s major trunk lines since the Edo period. The Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway is expected to be removed after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The cherry blossoms at the foot of the bridge were in full bloom.

今天,4月3日是现在日本桥(1911年)完工的周年纪念日。 自江户时代以来,它一直是日本主要干线的起点。 预计东京都高速公路将在2020年东京奥运会后被拆除。 桥脚下的樱花盛开。

2019年3月26日 東京都中央区 日本橋

渋谷スクランブル交差点,Shibuya scramble intersection,涩谷争夺路口


There are no scrambled intersections overseas, it is now one of the highlights of Tokyo inbound. When coming from a foreign country, it seems surprising that no one will collide even if so many people cross the intersection at once. “Order and chaos”.

海外没有杂乱的交叉路口,现在是东京入境的亮点之一。 来自外国时,即使有这么多人一次穿过十字路口,也没有人会碰撞,这似乎令人惊讶。 “秩序与混乱”。

2019年2月27日 東京都渋谷区 スクランブル交差点

日枝神社,Hie Shrine,日枝神社


When Ieyasu tokugawa moved to Edo, it was said that it became a guardian of Edo castle. It is famous also that one of the Edo Three Great Festivals “Sanno Festival” will be held. There are many worshipers who are close to the government office and business districts, and start work of the New Year.

当徳川家康搬到江户时,它成了江户城的守护者。 着名的还有江户三大节日之一的“山王节”。 有许多信徒靠近政府办公室和商业区,并开始新的一年的工作。

2018年12月4日 東京都千代田区永田町 山王日枝神社

東京タワー,Tokyo Tower,东京铁塔


The symbol of Tokyo. At completion (1958) it was the world’s tallest self-supporting tower. Also, Tokyo Tower appeared in many movies and dramas, including “Always Sunset on Third Street”. The monster Mothra also destroyed Tokyo Tower. Since the design is beautiful, the light up shines well.

东京的象征。 建成后(1958年)它是世界上最高的自支撑塔。 此外,东京塔出现在许多电影和戏剧中,包括“ALWAYS第三街日落”。 怪物Mothra也摧毁了东京塔。 由于设计美观,灯光照得很好。

2019年1月4日 東京都港区芝公園 東京タワー