春の渚 ピンクムーン,Spring Beach Pink Moon,春天的海濱 粉紅月亮


I enjoyed this spring’s atmosphere on the beach of Chigasaki. Clouds fluttering on Mt. Fuji, lingering lights on the beach, surf waves, happy surfers. It was a warm and quiet evening.The full moon climbed over Enoshima in twilight time. Native American tribes called the full moon of April the Pink Moon. The afterglow of moonlight reflected on the surface of the water and the shadows of surfers.


20220416 Chigasaki Beach

茅ヶ崎の河津桜,Kawazu-zakura in Chigasaki,茅崎的河津櫻


 西行の命なりけりはつさくら 子規

Spring has come to the Koide River in Chigasaki. The early blooming Kawazu-zakura and the winter scarlet cherry trees are in full bloom. The petals are lit by the sunset like a peach blossom village. I also enjoyed the sweet smell of rape blossoms.


20220312 Kawazu-zakura in Chigasaki

春一番,First gale in spring,春一番


 春風や吹のこしたる富士の雪 子規

Haruichiban blew in Kanto yesterday, March 5. The strong wind made waves, but the sunlight was powerful. The early blooming cherry blossoms kawazu-sakura and Mimosa also began to bloom. Spring is already there.


2022年3月6日 神奈川県茅ケ崎市茅ヶ崎海岸
20220306 Chigasaki Beach in Kanagawa

余寒の候,It’s still cold,余寒


 夕くれの風になりたる余寒哉  子規

Cold days continue even after Rissyun ( the first day of spring in the lunar calendar ). Rain to snow is forecast for Kanto today. I miss the coming of spring. On the Chigasaki coast, many surfers braved the bitter cold to enjoy surfing in the sunset.


初春の潮騒,The sound of waves in “Hatsuharu”,初春的潮騷


 若くなる人の心や春の旅  子規

New Year’s Chigasaki beach. The air was clear and sea was shining. January is already over. “Daikan” has passed and “Rissyun” is near. The buds of Mimosa, which is waiting for the arrival of spring, are getting colored.




2022 has begun. On the morning of New Year’s Day, the Chigasaki coast was blessed with wonderful fine weather. The sun rises over the Miura Peninsula. Surfers are also happy. It was a beautiful landscape. May this year be a good year.

2022年已經開始。 元旦的早晨,茅崎海岸迎來了美妙的晴天。 太陽從三浦半島升起。 衝浪者也很高興。 那是一道美麗的風景。 願今年是個好年頭。



The year has finally come to an end. Chigasaki beach was bitterly cold with cold air, but we could see the last sunset of the year. I hope that next year will be a good year.


暮れて行く令和3年,The End of 2021 Years,走到黃昏的2021年


The winter solstice is coming soon, with the sun setting towards its southernmost tip. On the beach of Chigasaki today, the sun was shining with the clear cold air of Shiwasu. Many things happened in 2021, but it is coming to an end. I wonder what next year will be like.


茅ヶ崎ヘッドランドの青春,Chigasaki Headland’s Youth,茅崎Head Land的青春


The so-called headland on Chigasaki Beach is a bank built to prevent sand from flowing out. It is also called T-bar because of its shape. You can enjoy the unique scenery as it sticks out into the sea. It is also a popular fishing spot, and Eboshi Rock is also visible in front of you.At dusk, many people come to enjoy Shiokaze and the view of MT.Fuji. On this day, young women, perhaps college students, were enjoying the scenery.

位于茅崎海岸的通稱Head Land,是為了防止砂石流出而建造的隄防。從形狀來看,也被稱為T吧。因為向大海突出,所以可以欣賞到獨特的風景。也是垂釣的人氣景點,在眼前也能看見烏帽巖。一到傍晚,就會有很多人前來欣賞汐風和富士山的眺望 。這一天不知道是不是像大學生那樣,年輕的女性們很享受風景。

秋の夕陽,Autumn Sunsets,秋天的夕陽


 朝寒の背中吹かるゝ野風哉  子規

The temperature has dropped over the past few days, and autumn is gradually deepening. Soukou of Japanese lunisolar calendar is also close. The air has cleared up and the evening view became vivid.