瀬戸の秋 2023,Autumn in the Seto Inland Sea 2023,瀨戶之秋 2023


秋たつや風のなき日を海の音  子規

 Autumn has come to the sea of Seto. The sea is blue. Enjoyed the early autumn breezes and views on the embankment of Gunchu Port in Iyo City, Ehime Prefecture. On the side of Goshikihama, there is a legend that a princess of the Heike family threw herself into a five-colored stone. A boat leaves the harbor for fishing. I watched the sunset with a cat on the embankment. Fall in the Seto Inland Sea heals the mind.


20221014 Iyonada Guntyu Harbor Ehime Prefecture

晩夏 2023,Ending summer 2023,晩夏 2023


ゆく夏に名残る暑さは  夕焼けを吸って燃え立つ葉鶏頭       荒井由実

 Summer is passing. This summer has been the hottest ever, but by the day the sounds of cicadas have become quieter and the one of insects in the grass louder. There is something melancholy about the sound of evening cicadas. The sky rises and autumn comes.  


20220924 Chigasaki Beach Kanagawa

夏 2023,Summer 2023,夏天 2023


 大仏の身動きもせぬ暑かな  子規

It is midsummer. I go to the beach at Chigasaki, can see blue sky and sea , white nyuudougumo over the Pacific Ocean. It’s the summer scene. The severe heat has continued this summer, but it feels like the sky has gotten a little higher for Rissyu. Today evening I saw the sunset for the first time in a long time and moon. The clouds are turning orange. Late summer is just around the corner.  


20230730 Chigasaki Beach Kanagawa

夏至の夕べ,Summer Solstice Evening,夏至之夜


 のびきつて夏至に逢ふたる葵かな 子規

 The summer solstice has come. The beginning of summer. The sun is sinking to its northernmost position. On the beach at Chigasaki, the main character changed from Hama Nichugao to Hamayu. The rainy season isn’t over yet, but sea houses are starting to build and the sea is dressed for summer. Mt. Fuji is watching quietly.  


20230617 Chigasaki Beach Kanagawa

横濱 港町ブルース,Yokohama Port town Blues,橫濱 港町佈魯斯


夏近く薔薇咲いて居る杉垣根  子規

The port of Yokohama goes well with roses and blues. Enjoy porridge and Shaoxing wine in Chinatown and sea breezes in Yamashita Park. Comfortable. Roses are in full bloom and look great against the blue sky in May. The evening view of Yokohama from the big pier is very beautiful. A foreign bride is taking a photo with the sunset in the background. It was a refreshing day.  


20230501 Yokohama Port Kanagawa

雨の鎌倉 若葉のころ, Rainy Kamakura In the days of young leaves,雨之鐮倉 嫩葉的時候雨


 鎌倉は村と呼ばるゝ若葉哉  子規

 Walking through the mountains of Kamakura in the May rain. My mind is washed by the mist of the green and fragrance of young leaves. The coolness of light rain is also pleasant. The colorful flowers stand out against the fresh green. The green gradation of the mountains of Kamakura seen from Tenen is beautiful …. The Bee Gees’ “First of may” was a good song. Let’s come back.  


20230514 Kamakura Kanagawa

春爛漫吾妻山,Spring has come to Azumayama,春爛漫吾妻山


  風寒し人の陽気にさく桜  子規

The cherry blossoms are early this year. Mt. Azuma in Shonan is full of flowers. Rapeseed, camellia, iris, daffodils, azaleas and cherry blossoms are in full bloom. The setting sun and the sea were visible and the scenery was like heaven.


20230401 Azumayama Shonan Kanagawa

ミモザの頃, Mimosa Is Beautiful ,含羞草美麗的時候


春風の吹き残したり富士の雪  子規

Mimosas are in bloom. In Italy, people present each other with mimosa flowers on March 8. It is native to Australia. The language of flowers is “grace,” “secret love” and “friendship.” It looks like spring has finally arrived.


20230319 Kanagawa Chigasaki

曽我の里をゆく,Walk in Soga village,在曾我的故鄉看梅花


 春風や野にも山にも梅の花  子規

 I visited the Soga Bairin in Odawara City for the first time in two years. It was the home of the Soga clan in the Kamakura period and is associated with “Soga Story,” one of the three major revenge attacks in Japan. 35000 plum trees seemed to herald the arrival of spring. The setting sun shone through the flowers of plums and waubai, reflecting the color of the blue sky.  


20230211 Kanagawa Odawara

菜の花畑に夕陽が沈む,The sun sets in the rapeseed field,夕陽西下的油菜田


ふらふらと行けば菜の花はや見ゆる 子規 

 The deep cold has passed and the first day of spring is just around the corner. The season is gradually approaching spring. In Mt. Azuma in Ninomiya Town, rapeseed blossoms are in full bloom. The language of flowers is’ cheerful ‘and’ cheerful. The orange of the setting sun, the yellow of the flowers, and the green of the stems stand out so well that I can feel the signs of spring.  


20230128 Kanagawa Ninomiya Town Mt.Azuma