龍 2023,Dragon 2023,龍 2023


 龍となり虎となり月の雲一片  子規

 One day at dusk. Horribly red-hot clouds reminiscent of dragons appeared in the sky over Chigasaki. I fell in love with nature’s beauty for a while. Mt. Fuji was quietly watching.  


20230430 Chigasaki Kanagawa

深まる秋 2023, Autumn is deepening 2023,深秋2023


 遊ぶ子のひとり帰るや秋のくれ 子規

 Autumn is deepening after the hottest summer in history. The scent of goldwood rhinoceros disappeared, and Ritto came. Sunsets are getting sharper by the day. I want to enjoy the atmosphere of late autumn. We have just over a month left this year. I started preparing New Year’s cards.  


20231029 Chigasaki Beach Kanagawa

富士山嶺 2023,Top of Mt.Fuji 2023, 富士山頂 2023

富士山頂を久々に拝む。「あたまを雲の上に出し 四方の山を見降ろして…」(童謡「ふじの山」)のとおりの眺めだ。この撮影のあとしばらくして初冠雪があったらしい。富士山にも冬の季節が近づいている。美しい風景をしばし楽しんだ。今年もあと2か月半か。

 西行の顏も見えけり富士の山 子規 

I worship the top of Mt. Fuji for the first time in a long time. The view is exactly as described in the children’s song “Mt. Fuji”: “Put your head above the clouds and look down at the surrounding mountains …” Apparently there was the first snow cover a while after this shoot. The winter season is approaching for Mount Fuji, too. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery for a while. Another two and a half months this year.  

久違地參拜富士山山頂。正如童謠《富士之山》 (音譯) 所說的那樣,“讓青玉站在雲上,看著周圍的山…”。在這次拍攝之後,似乎有一段時間的第一場雪。富士山也即將迎來冬季。欣賞了美麗的風景。今年還有兩個半月。

20230920 Above Mt.Fuji

小さな秋 茅ケ崎2023,Glimpse of fall Chigasaki2023,小秋 茅崎2023


 秋風はまだこえかねつ雲の峰 子規

Little autumn has finally arrived on the beach at Chigasaki. The sun setting over Mt. Fuji also looks somewhat cool. It’s already October. The cold dew that falls on plants and trees in the 24 seasons is also near. There are three months left in the year. The sky is high.


20230918 Chigasaki Beach Kanagawa

晩夏 2023,Ending summer 2023,晩夏 2023


ゆく夏に名残る暑さは  夕焼けを吸って燃え立つ葉鶏頭       荒井由実

 Summer is passing. This summer has been the hottest ever, but by the day the sounds of cicadas have become quieter and the one of insects in the grass louder. There is something melancholy about the sound of evening cicadas. The sky rises and autumn comes.  


20220924 Chigasaki Beach Kanagawa

夏 2023,Summer 2023,夏天 2023


 大仏の身動きもせぬ暑かな  子規

It is midsummer. I go to the beach at Chigasaki, can see blue sky and sea , white nyuudougumo over the Pacific Ocean. It’s the summer scene. The severe heat has continued this summer, but it feels like the sky has gotten a little higher for Rissyu. Today evening I saw the sunset for the first time in a long time and moon. The clouds are turning orange. Late summer is just around the corner.  


20230730 Chigasaki Beach Kanagawa

夏至の夕べ,Summer Solstice Evening,夏至之夜


 のびきつて夏至に逢ふたる葵かな 子規

 The summer solstice has come. The beginning of summer. The sun is sinking to its northernmost position. On the beach at Chigasaki, the main character changed from Hama Nichugao to Hamayu. The rainy season isn’t over yet, but sea houses are starting to build and the sea is dressed for summer. Mt. Fuji is watching quietly.  


20230617 Chigasaki Beach Kanagawa

ハマヒルガオの季節,Hamahirugao bloom in Chigasaki,濱昼顔在茅崎海岸盛開


 夏立ちし瓶につゝじの花古き 子規

A feature of early summer. Hamahirugao are blooming on the Chigasaki coast. The pretty pink petals are swaying in the wind. The language of flowers is “bond” and “tender love.” This scenery can be enjoyed until around June. Summer is just around the corner.


20230502 Chigasaki Beach Kanagawa

城ヶ島のダイヤモンド富士,Diamond Fuji in Jogashima,城島的鉆石富士


 富士山は毎日見えつ初茄子 子規

I visited Jogashima Island at the southern tip of the Miura Peninsula after a long absence. The view of Mt. Fuji rising sharply over Sagami Bay is superb. It is said that in the past, MINAMOTO no Yoritomo also visited there. I was lucky enough to see Diamond Fuji on this day. A haunting landscape.


20230503 Jogashima Miura Peninsula

希望の夕焼け,Hopeful Sunset,希望的晚霞


 春風や吹のこしたる富士の雪  子規

It rained that day. Rain stopped in the evening and the sky began to shine. For the first time in a long time, I was able to meet the dynamic sky. This gem of a sunset gave me a sense that good things were likely to happen tomorrow.


20230423 Chigasaki Beach in kanagawa