山桜 湘南大磯,Yamazakura in Shonan Oiso,山櫻 湘南大磯


 山桜夢を埋めて散りにけり 子規

Shonan-daira is located on the mountain border between Oiso and Hiratsuka. I walked up from JR Oiso Station for the first time in a while. The observation deck is one of the best spots in Shonan. The pink of mountain cherry trees stands out in the blue Sagami Bay. I watched the sunset over Mt. F


20200409 Shonan Oiso the view from Shonandai

桜だより,First tidings of Cherry blossoms,櫻花消息


 山里に恋をはなれし桜哉 子規

Spring has come to Shonan. Many Cherry Someiyoshino are in full bloom at the top of Mt. Azuma in Ninomiya, and azaleas and daffodils are also in bloom. People came to see the cherry blossoms and relaxed, and it was like a paradise. I heard woodpeckers calls and distant temple bells.


20220402 Cherry bolossoms in Shonan Mt.Azumayama

春一番,First gale in spring,春一番


 春風や吹のこしたる富士の雪 子規

Haruichiban blew in Kanto yesterday, March 5. The strong wind made waves, but the sunlight was powerful. The early blooming cherry blossoms kawazu-sakura and Mimosa also began to bloom. Spring is already there.


2022年3月6日 神奈川県茅ケ崎市茅ヶ崎海岸
20220306 Chigasaki Beach in Kanagawa

吾妻山 花の春,Flowers of Spring on Mt.Azumayama,吾妻山 花之春


ふらふらと行けば菜の花はや見ゆる 子規

The spring of the lunar calendar has come. Although it was still cold and the real spring did not come, the flowers of today’s season, such as Nanohana, Sazanka and daffodils, were blooming well on Mt. Azuma in Shonan Ninomiya.


2022年2月11日 神奈川県二宮町吾妻山

余寒の候,It’s still cold,余寒


 夕くれの風になりたる余寒哉  子規

Cold days continue even after Rissyun ( the first day of spring in the lunar calendar ). Rain to snow is forecast for Kanto today. I miss the coming of spring. On the Chigasaki coast, many surfers braved the bitter cold to enjoy surfing in the sunset.


初春の潮騒,The sound of waves in “Hatsuharu”,初春的潮騷


 若くなる人の心や春の旅  子規

New Year’s Chigasaki beach. The air was clear and sea was shining. January is already over. “Daikan” has passed and “Rissyun” is near. The buds of Mimosa, which is waiting for the arrival of spring, are getting colored.


2022初夕陽, 2022 First Sunset in Chigasaki Beach,2022初夕陽

2022年今年最初の夕陽が伊豆半島に落ちていく。空は澄み、富士山のシルエットがクッキリ見えて美しい。箱根の大涌谷の噴煙もたなびいている。 今年も始まった。

元日や鶴も飛ばざる不二の山 子規

2022 The first sunset of the year falls on the Izu Peninsula. The sky is clear and the silhouette of Mt. Fuji can be clearly seen.The volcanic smoke from Owakudani in Hakone is flying. It started this year.




2022 has begun. On the morning of New Year’s Day, the Chigasaki coast was blessed with wonderful fine weather. The sun rises over the Miura Peninsula. Surfers are also happy. It was a beautiful landscape. May this year be a good year.

2022年已經開始。 元旦的早晨,茅崎海岸迎來了美妙的晴天。 太陽從三浦半島升起。 衝浪者也很高興。 那是一道美麗的風景。 願今年是個好年頭。

平塚ビーチの青春,The youth of Hiratsuka Beach,平冢海灘上的青春


I visited Hiratsuka Beach for the first time in a while. This beach is wide with little wave erosion. It is also a successful beach volleyball mecca. The silhouette of Mt. Fuji and Izu Peninsula is beautiful. Female high school students were playing with the waves on the beach. A very peaceful and beautiful sunset in Hiratsuka. Let’s come again.


茅ヶ崎ヘッドランドの青春,Chigasaki Headland’s Youth,茅崎Head Land的青春


The so-called headland on Chigasaki Beach is a bank built to prevent sand from flowing out. It is also called T-bar because of its shape. You can enjoy the unique scenery as it sticks out into the sea. It is also a popular fishing spot, and Eboshi Rock is also visible in front of you.At dusk, many people come to enjoy Shiokaze and the view of MT.Fuji. On this day, young women, perhaps college students, were enjoying the scenery.

位于茅崎海岸的通稱Head Land,是為了防止砂石流出而建造的隄防。從形狀來看,也被稱為T吧。因為向大海突出,所以可以欣賞到獨特的風景。也是垂釣的人氣景點,在眼前也能看見烏帽巖。一到傍晚,就會有很多人前來欣賞汐風和富士山的眺望 。這一天不知道是不是像大學生那樣,年輕的女性們很享受風景。