桜夕景2024 湘南吾妻山,Sakura Sunset 2024 Shonan Azumayama,櫻夕景2024 湘南吾妻山


 鶯の老を鳴くなり遅桜  子規  

 Spring has finally arrived at Azuma Mountain, and I will love this year’s cherry blossoms. Mt. Fuji was obscured by clouds and the Izu Peninsula was hazy, but the calm atmosphere created a quiet spring. I heard a the sound of Japanese nightingale for the first time this year.


20240406 Azumayama Ninomiya Kanagawa

春爛漫吾妻山,Spring has come to Azumayama,春爛漫吾妻山


  風寒し人の陽気にさく桜  子規

The cherry blossoms are early this year. Mt. Azuma in Shonan is full of flowers. Rapeseed, camellia, iris, daffodils, azaleas and cherry blossoms are in full bloom. The setting sun and the sea were visible and the scenery was like heaven.


20230401 Azumayama Shonan Kanagawa

菜の花畑に夕陽が沈む,The sun sets in the rapeseed field,夕陽西下的油菜田


ふらふらと行けば菜の花はや見ゆる 子規 

 The deep cold has passed and the first day of spring is just around the corner. The season is gradually approaching spring. In Mt. Azuma in Ninomiya Town, rapeseed blossoms are in full bloom. The language of flowers is’ cheerful ‘and’ cheerful. The orange of the setting sun, the yellow of the flowers, and the green of the stems stand out so well that I can feel the signs of spring.  


20230128 Kanagawa Ninomiya Town Mt.Azuma

桜だより,First tidings of Cherry blossoms,櫻花消息


 山里に恋をはなれし桜哉 子規

Spring has come to Shonan. Many Cherry Someiyoshino are in full bloom at the top of Mt. Azuma in Ninomiya, and azaleas and daffodils are also in bloom. People came to see the cherry blossoms and relaxed, and it was like a paradise. I heard woodpeckers calls and distant temple bells.


20220402 Cherry bolossoms in Shonan Mt.Azumayama

吾妻山 花の春,Flowers of Spring on Mt.Azumayama,吾妻山 花之春


ふらふらと行けば菜の花はや見ゆる 子規

The spring of the lunar calendar has come. Although it was still cold and the real spring did not come, the flowers of today’s season, such as Nanohana, Sazanka and daffodils, were blooming well on Mt. Azuma in Shonan Ninomiya.


2022年2月11日 神奈川県二宮町吾妻山

吾妻山 菜の花紀行,Nanohana journey in Azumayama,吾妻山油菜花旅行


Early blooming rape blossoms are in full bloom at Mt. Azuma in Ninomiya Town, Kanagawa Prefecture. The weather was nice and the silhouette of Mt. Fuji was beautiful. The sweet scent of rape blossoms fills the air and makes me feel refreshed for a while. The flower language is “cheerful love”.Spring is drawing near.“Risshun” (the first day of spring)is coming soon.


2021年1月29日 神奈川県二宮町 吾妻山

小春 吾妻山,Indian summer Mt.Azuma,小春 吾妻山


I enjoyed the Koharubiyori of Mt. Azuma in late autumn. ​Mt. Azuma near Ninomiya Station on the JR Tokaido Line is a small mountain 136 meters above sea level with a wonderful view overlooking Tanzawa, Fuji, Hakone, Izu Peninsula, Oshima, Miura Peninsula and Sagami Bay. ​How is Chami, the idol cat of Mt. Azuma in Scottish Fold walking up to the top of the mountain? ​It was a beautiful sunset.


2020年11月14日 神奈川県二宮町 吾妻山
2020年11月14日 神奈川県二宮町 吾妻山

中秋の名月,Harvest Moon,中秋明月


 十五夜の月ふり出すや馬の首 子規

Today is the day of the harvest moon in 2020. According to the lunar calendar, the sky is the clearest and the moon is bright and beautiful in this period of the year. As the name suggests, the beautiful moon rose on the Chigasaki Beach, entertaining the visitors.


2020年10月1日 中秋の名月 神奈川県茅ヶ崎市 茅ヶ崎海岸
2020年9月30日 神奈川県二宮町 吾妻山
2020年10月1日 神奈川県茅ヶ崎市 茅ヶ崎海岸



It is one of the 24 divisions of the old calendar and this year is April 4. In China, it is called Seimeisetsu, and it is a national event to visit ancestors’ graves and clean them. A time when everything is bright, clean and beautiful. On this day, I climbed my favorite Mt. Azuma and enjoyed the cherry blossoms in full bloom. It was like heaven.


2020年4月4日 神奈川県二宮町

立春,the beginning of spring,立春

冬至から春分の日の中間に当たり、春分の日までに初めて吹く強い南風を春一番と呼ぶ。中国では春餅(ちゅんびん)を食べる風習がある。令和に入り初めての立春。神奈川県二宮町の吾妻山では菜の花が満開を迎えていた。日の入りもどこか優しい。雪解や春立つ一日あたゝかし 子規

The first day of spring according to the lunar calendar falls between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox, and the first strong south wind to blow before the vernal equinox is called haruichiban. In China, there is a custom of eating Chunbin. This is the first day of spring in the Reiwa Period. Rape blossoms were in full bloom on Mt. Azuma in Ninomiyamachi, Kanagawa Prefecture. The sunset is kind.


2020年 2月4日 神奈川県二宮町 吾妻山